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A great post from Jacob about having true passion in your life and not getting sucked into crazes. This really makes you think about the psychology of things like the Harlem Shake…something I never thought I’d be doing!

The Bulb Culture


Have you ever wondered where all of the crazes come from? The crazes which I’m referring to are the one hit wonders, the mass movements which society feels like they’re obligated to participate in. Remember the Harlem Shake? Where people would go nuts in a small room, wearing animal masks and behaving as if they were on some sort of drug.  (Some people actually got married to the Harlem Shake I believe?)

Then after the Harlem Shake there was that annoying “Selfie” song which was about teenage girls deciding on what filter to use for their next photo. You see these mass movements are what the zombies (the people with no ambitions in life) are craving. They wake up with the hope of finding something which will make them cool for ten seconds and then it’s back to their same old lifestyle of trying to find the next cool thing.

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  1. Dan Ray · June 10, 2015

    This is how I reactivated my social media but I have to go back because I need a platform to advertise my products. But I really hate when people think together in one direction and you can clearly see that in their Facebook statuses and all. But then again, I guess it’s the essence of capitalism. Capitalists have to find a way to massively attract a consumer market. People only comply but there are those who think beyond that and they are often labeled as “rebels”, which is sad because they are the most original people.

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    • irrationalliving · June 10, 2015

      Right, and I understand the need to do that. But, like you said, you can see the similarities and then the posts and activity can seem contrived. It’s a game that has to be played carefully. Have you ever read the book Guerilla Marketing? I forget who wrote it, but it’s worth a look! And Blue Ocean Strategy might be of interest to you as well 🙂


      • Dan Ray · June 10, 2015

        (Annotations on my earlier post: deactivated instead of reactivated.) Yes, it’s a game one needs to play carefully. Like I maybe back on Facebook now but I leave as soon as I made my posts. Sorry I didn’t read those books you stated. I might try to look at them soon.

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  2. Dan Ray · June 10, 2015

    OK. I have never read of Guerilla Marketing but now that I’m reading about it in Wikipedia, and it is exactly what I’m doing on Facebook. I am making these viral “ads” using Facebookers with thousands or hundreds of friends as well as provocative pictures, in order to create buzz. Guess I was ahead of myself unknowingly! Thanks for the tip. Now I am reading more into other guerilla marketing strategies. 🙂

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