Why Are You Here?

An awesome post. Ask yourself this question, whether you’re into lifting weights or not. There’s a lot of knowledge in here that goes far beyond the gym, but of course is relevant there as well. Are you moving toward pleasure or away from pain? So well written.


I fell in love with lifting weights my freshman year of college. I graduated from high school earlier that year at 6’2 and 139 lbs soaking wet. I was skinny, lacking even a shred of self confidence, and, most importantly, didn’t have a passion for anything in life. I started going to the gym at the local community college that I enrolled in.

I started like most people do, with little knowledge but a strong desire for results. My workouts were terrible, consisting of mostly machine based exercises and some “dumbbell stuff”, as I so intelligently wrote in my training log. But I was doing two things right that many skinny guys starting out never figure out. First I was keeping a training log. It started as a spread sheet on my computer, and was born out of my desire to write things down and keep track of my results…

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