A Brief Thank You

Thank You

I just wanted to say to my followers and anyone who has commented/liked/dropped by here…thank you.

I’ve received amazing support and encouragement, and it really makes a huge difference in a person’s life to have so many people (who don’t know me personally) care. Thank you so very much. It does not go unnoticed, and it is genuinely appreciated. I hope we can all keep motivating each other.

I also wanted to share with you a FaceBook post my wonderful girlfriend made. She said she wanted to tell her friends about my website, and this is what she wrote:

“I may be biased, but this guy is literally life changing. I know many of you, myself included, wish for things in life but don’t actually do anything to make it a goal. I mean, why would you if it’s just not possible, right? WRONG. If Dan has taught me anything so far, its that we all sell ourselves WAY too short. Not only that, but also that a negative view, or what I used to think was a “realist” view of the world, makes things way too dull. I can’t keep him all to myself so let me share with you some of his brightness. Don’t just go through a routine and call it life… start living!”

It actually brought me to tears.

So thank you all again, and I hope you have a positive day 🙂

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