Expand Your Mind With Me

Managing Oneself

For the past few months I’ve been reading a book every week. I’ve learned more from those books than I have in a very long time before that. Books are a great way to connect to people you’ll never meet, and learn from people who have had experiences you may never have.

Recently I read “Managing Oneself,” by Peter Drucker. It was a short read, but really, really informative. He discusses how to learn about yourself, to learn HOW you learn, and how to apply that to other people. Also, to learn how you work and function, and apply that to your daily life. Very helpful. I wish I had read this right around high school graduation!

I also take notes on these books, because I learn best by writing, and they also help people absorb the books I read and think about them more intensely. If you would like to pick up a copy of my notes on “Managing Oneself,” head over to my LEARN page on my website. You can find a link to the books on Amazon, and also a link to my notes.

Currently reading: “Gung Ho!” by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles.

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