It’s All On You

It's Your Fault

As a warning, I know this post is going to sound a little harsh. I apologize for that, but  it’s all true. If you can take what you read here and believe it, you will be on the path to success, whatever that means for you.

You are responsible for everything in your life. If you are poor, it’s your fault. If you are out of shape, it’s your fault. If you hate your job but you’re stuck there, it’s your fault.

There it is. Does that sting? You may immediately want to say something like, “but I don’t get paid enough,” or, “but I have a medical condition,” or, “but I have kids and I have bills to pay.” And I understand these things, but we have to identify them as excuses. We all come up with them for ourselves…age, intelligence, natural talent, our parents, our childhood, our weight, our height, our connections, our schooling…the excuses go on and on, but the people who make those excuses never fix the problem, because they are the problem.

No one in your life can change what you do other than yourself. Like Jim Rohn said, “you can’t pay someone to do your push-ups for you.” At some point you’re going to have to realize that it’s all on you. You have to make a change. Not even a change, you just have to make a decision to take responsibility. Once you do that, the doors of opportunity open for you.

Now, I know there are things in your life you can’t control, like a medical condition that causes you to be overweight, or unexpected children, or the need for money and a job. I get it. But there are also things you can control, and if you focus solely on these, I promise your life will be drastically better. Figure out what you CAN change and focus on that. If you want your life to turn around, all you have to do is take responsibility for where it is now, make a decision to change, and then act on that decision.

You can do it. Your life is a culmination of your thoughts thus far, and it always will be. So change the way you think about it. Take responsibility. It’s a hard thing to do because it’s so easy to say, “well, it’s that person’s fault or society’s fault or the government’s fault and I just can’t do anything about it.” But you know deep down that’s not true. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself it’s your fault. And then agree to change it.


  1. Sphesihle Qwabe · March 26, 2015

    You just reminded of the book The Secret by Rhonda Bryne, everything in our lives is attracted by our thoughts. Nice post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • irrationalliving · March 26, 2015

      Yes, I love that book! Thanks so much. Have you ever listened to “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale? It’s similar, but great. I think that recording inspired “The Secret”


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