Becoming Successful In Your Mind

Bill Gates

I’m going to give you a hypothetical situation…suppose you take someone who is massively successful. Think of someone who seemingly has it all. I’m going to go with Bill Gates, just because he is the first person I thought of. He’s unbelievably wealthy, his life is fulfilling, he has a happy family (at least from the outside, and he donates most of his wealth to people who need it more than he does. An all around good guy (again, from the outside).

I’d never wish this upon him or anyone else, but let’s say everything he owned burned: his house, his assets, his money, everything material. And for a little added “umph,” let’s suppose insurance refuses to cover any of it. Now would you look at Bill Gates, who now has nothing but his family and friends and himself, and think he is any less successful than he was before? My answer, and I’m sure yours will be the same, is “no.”

Well…why not? The reason is that although we associate wealth and expensive possessions with success, we really define it as something else. His character, his abilities, and his way of thinking about things will allow him to build back up to everything he had before. Success is not in the things we own, it is in the way we think and act.

Now let me ask you another question. Let’s take you in your present situation. You may be struggling to pay the bills, or you may just live a modest life, or you may be homeless. Wherever you are in life, you are my example. Now let’s say you start thinking like Bill Gates thinks, appreciating what he appreciates, and acting like he acts. Would you consider yourself successful? My intuitive answer, and I’m assuming yours would be the same, is “no.”

Why not? It makes perfect sense to consider yourself successful if you do the things successful people do and think the things successful people think. It works both way.

Here’s the good news: start thinking like successful people think, and start doing what they do, and you are successful. Not “will be successful,” you are successful. The possessions and the money and the fame come only after you change your state of mind. You can access success in the next week. You simply need to learn how successful people think, and what they do. Luckily for you, you can learn all of this and more for free. Go to library, read on the internet, or learn alongside me.

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