Figuring Out How You Function

Managing Oneself

I just finished reading the book by Peter Drucker, Managing Oneself. It was originally an essay in Harvard Business Review, and it goes into…you guessed it…how to manage yourself. Really, it’s about how to progress through corporate America to the top, or to excel in your own business.

One thing that I took away from it, and something I wish I had read when I graduated high school, was that we all have different ways of learning. Some of us learn by listening, some by writing, some by talking, and some by reading. I was never taught in school (the reason is beyond me) to figure out how I learn and then apply that to learning. Looking back, I realize that I have always taken notes and never looked at them, but I remembered what I wrote, and even where on the page I wrote it. I don’t have a photographic memory, but when I learn how I “naturally” learn, I excel.

Then I started thinking…well what about when I read? All I’m doing is reading a book, which makes it much more difficult for me to retain the information. So I started writing about the books I read. I now take notes any time I pick up a book to read, and as a result, the information in the book not only stays with me, but I’m able to apply it much more easily.

So think…how do you learn? And more importantly, think…how can I apply that method to what I do in my daily life? If you learn by talking, then talk about the things you learn and spread the knowledge to someone else. Now imagine how much more you can learn by applying the method by which you learn best!

If you’re interested in reading Managing Oneself, or in picking up my notes on the book, you can go here. Want the notes for free? Use coupon code “freeplease”.

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