One Thing That Will Bring Success


When it comes down to it, the only thing that will really bring you any success at all is action. I was thinking about this recently…I’ve had lots of (what I would call) good ideas throughout my life for products or services that people would use, but regardless of how amazing the ideas were, they have not come to be. Why is that?

The answer, of course, is that there was no action taken. Thoughts become things all the time. Someone first thought of a chair before chairs existed. Same goes for a TV, a cell phone, coffee maker, everything. The thing that separates ideas that become things and ideas that don’t is action. If you take action to create whatever it is you’re thinking about, it will eventually become a real thing. The good news is that persistent, focused action will not only bring it from your thoughts into reality, but will also guaranty some level of success. Nothing is a 100% failure unless it never leaves your head through action.

Sit down and figure out what thoughts of yours you want to bring into the physical world. Once you figure that out, come up with a plan that will do just that. Break it down into steps. It’s alright if you can’t figure out all of the steps at once (in fact, you probably won’t be able to); you don’t need to. Just focus on making some progress, and you’ll be closer to success.

I work with a few people who are naturally scared to start working toward their goals. I think the fear of failure pervades our world. Everyone is terrified of failing. But imagine it like a physical journey: if you’re walking from New York to California, sure it’s a long way, and it’s going to take a lot of effort. But if you want more than anything else to be in California, you would start taking the first few steps. EVERY single step brings you closer and closer to your destination, however small. And you may not consider yourself a success until you get all the way there, but you’re much better off than if you were still standing in New York.

Fear of failure keeps our feet planted where we start, but here’s a question for you: if you just keep taking steps toward California, how can you possibly fail? Sure, you might get lost. But eventually you’ll realize it, and redirect yourself. This is why, in my book, I talk about failures as steps. If we just consider failures steps toward our success, that can help motivate us to keep going. Persistent action will always get you where you plan on going.

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