How To Believe Things In

Neville Goddard was a prolific writer and speaker in the early and mid-1900s. He has this one audio program in which he talks about “believing things in,” that is, believing them into being. The idea behind it is that our minds are infinitely powerful, and our thoughts become manifested in our physical world. Cool.

I’m currently reading “Wishes Fulfilled” by Dr. Wayne Dyer, and he brings up this crazy idea (crazy as in it’s mind-blowing, not worthless). Where did you come from? Before you were, what were you? Your body when you were a baby no longer exists, nor does the body you had when you were a toddler, or a teenager. Your cells die and get replaced. So then what you were two years ago is not what you are now. That body, those cells have died off and a new body is now here to represent your consciousness.

Oh, so strange!

More importantly, your thoughts and memories (consciousness) are the only things that persist. These are what give us memories, thoughts in the future, ideas, biases, etc. We have a constant stream of consciousness going all the time, and we cannot stop it. It flutters all around, sometimes with no obvious rhyme or reason at all. But only the things we think are things that come into our “real,” physical world.

Look around you. Everything there was once only a thought. Someone thought about shoes before they existed. Someone thought about clothes and jewelry and chairs and computers before they existed. So everything that exists in the future that doesn’t exist now will also come from thought.

This means that we can create things in our minds. Our minds are like manufacturing plants…no…even better: a research and development team, one that creates everything there is to create. This is incredible. Also a little trippy.

So now I’ll finally get to the believing it in part. When you believe something within the confines of your mind, believe it already exists, whether it’s abundance, a new invention, a company you want to start, anything, it will come into being. This is really the law of attraction, only expanded upon a little. But I thought these points were really great and I felt like I needed to share.

So have some faith in your idea, your product, your vision, whatever you want to do. Believe that it already exists, and it will manifest in the physical world, just like everything around you right now, and everything that will be in the future.

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