How To See Your Success Into Being

Strap yourself in, folks, this is going to be a wild ride…

Visualization is one of the greatest tools for success. It has been proven to work countless times, in all different areas of life and success. Olympians visualize their success and their breakthroughs constantly, and a huge part of pre-performance preparation is visualizing themselves performing in as much detail as possible. Astronauts are taught to visualize their roles and duties as well. And, as I’ve said in a previous post, my research on the ultra-successful people has led me to the fact that visualizing success is a huge part of succeeding.

I’ve heard that the subconscious mind cannot differentiate between an actual input and a contrived one. For example, if you visualize yourself practicing piano in great detail, it’s just as beneficial to you as practicing piano. In fact, there was a man in jail who taught himself how to play piano with nothing but a beginner’s piano book. He visualized playing the piano, and when he got out, he was better than Liberace. Maybe not quite that good, but he could play piano!

So, think about how this applies to your success. What do you want to do in life? Is it a particular action you want to do better? Is it something you want, a relationship or money or a new car? We literally think things into reality. There’s a whole, giant following of people (read: successful people) who believe that our lives are a conglomeration of our thoughts. What we think, we become; thus, we can think ourselves to be a specific kind of person, act like that person, and we will become that person. Brilliant!

A big part of this working relies on expectation. When you visualize, you’re tricking your subconscious mind into believing that whatever you’re visualizing is real. The thing you’re visualizing becomes so ingrained in your beliefs that your subconscious believes beyond all doubt that what you visualize is real. Where there is belief, there is infinite possibility.

So what does this mean for you? Start visualizing! Take a half hour each day, sit or lie in a comfortable position, and begin visualizing your particular success. Visualize what you will feel and do when that thing is already a part of your life. If it’s a car, see yourself driving that car. Feel the sun warming your arm hanging out the window. Feel the steering wheel gripped in your hands. See the interior in as much detail as possible, and imagine what you’ll feel like as you cruise down the street. This is just an example, but I’m sure you can see how this could work for you. Detail is crucial!

You will find, almost miraculously, that your subconscious begins to will things into existence for you. The things you visualize will begin showing up all around you, and you will see countless opportunities to get what you want that you wouldn’t have seen before. It’s incredible.

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