Change Everything In Your Life In One Step

Life can be hard. The things in front of us can be daunting. Some things we want might be seemingly impossible to obtain. But there’s good news (note: there’s always good news).

Everything around us can be changed in one step: our mood, our jobs, the people, the things, the circumstances…everything. All you have to do is change your attitude. Now, I say “all you have to do,” but it’s really more difficult than that phrasing makes it seem.

Think about it this way: think about something in your life that annoys you, worries you, bothers, pesters, irks…whatever. Think about it in detail. What feelings do you have? Anger? Frustration? Sadness? Panic? For the purposes of this post, let’s use a job as an example. Your typical 9-5 job is usually full of people who complain about working, dislike their job, wish they had something better. The monotony drives people crazy. Let’s take the average, complaining worker in one of these jobs. They would get angry, grind their teeth maybe, feel frustration boiling up inside of them. These are the feelings someone who dislikes their job would feel when prompted to do what I asked you to do above.

Try to picture that person in your mind, the person who hates their job and is unhappy whenever their working. See them clearly. This person has kids at home, and has been with that company for 15 years. Now, picture them in a room with their boss. The boss says, “we’re sorry, we’re making some cuts, and you are one of the employees who didn’t make the cut.”

Suddenly, something changes, doesn’t it? That person, our typical worker, is no longer frustrated with their job, they don’t hate the customers or despise the work. Now, they’re worried about finding another job, about earning a living somewhere else. Their family needs them to keep earning money.

The concerns have shifted. This might not happen immediately, but it will. Now this person wants to work, and perhaps so desperately that they’ll start applying elsewhere immediately. We tend to take things for granted, but our attitude toward them can change with a simple change in thought.

Aha! There is a point buried somewhere in this post! Imagine the thing that annoys you was suddenly taken away from you. Right now, whatever it is is just gone. Then your attitude is different toward that thing. Nothing changed about the thing itself. This often happens with loved ones who pass away; suddenly we miss the things that once annoyed us.

So, the point is that you can start looking at things in a different way before they’re taken away. Look for what annoys or worries you in life, and try finding the good in it. There’s positive and negative in everything, and you choose what you see and how you react.

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