How to Shun Complacency and Laziness

Such terrible words…complacency and laziness. They brings to mind terrible things…UNSPEAKABLE ATROCITIES!

Okay, maybe not. But really, complacency is what leads to everything we don’t want (unhappiness, lack of money, bad relationships), and yet it’s something we all have in our lives in some way or another. And complacency leads to laziness, because when we convince ourselves that we like the person we are, we get lazy and stop trying to improve.

Here’s something I realized: we can spend all of our time bettering ourselves. Crazy concept, right? People love learning, and we naturally thrive on improving things in our lives. Anything new is welcome. Imagine the beginning of a relationship, or when you get a new phone or computer. We enjoy these things most because we’re learning about them. We learn about a new person, or we learn how to use our new product. Fun!

So, why don’t we always learn? Why don’t we constantly improve some aspect of our lives? Answer? The daily double: complacency, and laziness.

Take this opportunity to start thinking about the things in your life that just suck up your time and don’t do anything to improve the person you are. Then start thinking about how you can change that. What are the things you’ve always wanted to do? Learn a language? Get in shape? Become more confident? Everything we want in life can be learned!!

How about starting right now?

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