Change Everything In Your Life In One Step

Life can be hard. The things in front of us can be daunting. Some things we want might be seemingly impossible to obtain. But there’s good news (note: there’s always good news).

Everything around us can be changed in one step: our mood, our jobs, the people, the things, the circumstances…everything. All you have to do is change your attitude. Now, I say “all you have to do,” but it’s really more difficult than that phrasing makes it seem.

Think about it this way: think about something in your life that annoys you, worries you, bothers, pesters, irks…whatever. Think about it in detail. What feelings do you have? Anger? Frustration? Sadness? Panic? For the purposes of this post, let’s use a job as an example. Your typical 9-5 job is usually full of people who complain about working, dislike their job, wish they had something better. The monotony drives people crazy. Let’s take the average, complaining worker in one of these jobs. They would get angry, grind their teeth maybe, feel frustration boiling up inside of them. These are the feelings someone who dislikes their job would feel when prompted to do what I asked you to do above.

Try to picture that person in your mind, the person who hates their job and is unhappy whenever their working. See them clearly. This person has kids at home, and has been with that company for 15 years. Now, picture them in a room with their boss. The boss says, “we’re sorry, we’re making some cuts, and you are one of the employees who didn’t make the cut.”

Suddenly, something changes, doesn’t it? That person, our typical worker, is no longer frustrated with their job, they don’t hate the customers or despise the work. Now, they’re worried about finding another job, about earning a living somewhere else. Their family needs them to keep earning money.

The concerns have shifted. This might not happen immediately, but it will. Now this person wants to work, and perhaps so desperately that they’ll start applying elsewhere immediately. We tend to take things for granted, but our attitude toward them can change with a simple change in thought.

Aha! There is a point buried somewhere in this post! Imagine the thing that annoys you was suddenly taken away from you. Right now, whatever it is is just gone. Then your attitude is different toward that thing. Nothing changed about the thing itself. This often happens with loved ones who pass away; suddenly we miss the things that once annoyed us.

So, the point is that you can start looking at things in a different way before they’re taken away. Look for what annoys or worries you in life, and try finding the good in it. There’s positive and negative in everything, and you choose what you see and how you react.

How to Shun Complacency and Laziness

Such terrible words…complacency and laziness. They brings to mind terrible things…UNSPEAKABLE ATROCITIES!

Okay, maybe not. But really, complacency is what leads to everything we don’t want (unhappiness, lack of money, bad relationships), and yet it’s something we all have in our lives in some way or another. And complacency leads to laziness, because when we convince ourselves that we like the person we are, we get lazy and stop trying to improve.

Here’s something I realized: we can spend all of our time bettering ourselves. Crazy concept, right? People love learning, and we naturally thrive on improving things in our lives. Anything new is welcome. Imagine the beginning of a relationship, or when you get a new phone or computer. We enjoy these things most because we’re learning about them. We learn about a new person, or we learn how to use our new product. Fun!

So, why don’t we always learn? Why don’t we constantly improve some aspect of our lives? Answer? The daily double: complacency, and laziness.

Take this opportunity to start thinking about the things in your life that just suck up your time and don’t do anything to improve the person you are. Then start thinking about how you can change that. What are the things you’ve always wanted to do? Learn a language? Get in shape? Become more confident? Everything we want in life can be learned!!

How about starting right now?

How To Be Successful

How to be successful…seems like a strange title, doesn’t it? It implies that there is some scientifically proven way to find success, as if there is a set of “rules” to follow that will lead you straight to the realization of all your hopes and dreams. Here’s a secret: there is.

I’ve spent the past two years researching some of the most successful people of our time, including Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, the guys from the band LMFAO, Steve Jobs, and Will Smith. I think you’ll agree that all of these people are at the top of their respective industries. So the question is, why? What separates these people and others who have found massive success from the people stuck in a dead-end 9-5 job, just scraping enough together to pay the mortgage. Good news: I’ve found the answer.

I’d like to say that I did it myself, but I didn’t. I had the help of several motivational speakers, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention them here. Not all of my ideas and beliefs came from them, but many of the principles were learned there, and over time I developed my own system for understanding and studying them. The ones who have helped me the most: Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, and Earl Nightingale. Here’s a big thank you to them.

So, what is it? What separates the successful from the unsuccessful? I’ve discovered five things that all of these people (and many, many others) have in common. Five things that you can start applying in your own life to achieve whatever you want to achieve in life.

1) Goal Setting

The first principle is goal-setting. Successful people set goals for themselves. And their goals aren’t, “I want to earn more money.” Everyone has this goal, but notice how they aren’t doing it? Goals have to be specific. Your mind will understand it and allow you to work toward it if it’s specific and clearly defined. Instead of “earn more money,” set a specific number and target date for yourself: “$80,000/year by next year.”

2) Unwavering Belief

Successful people believe in themselves, despite what happens. My company, Irrational Living, LLC, was founded (and named) on this principle. The truly successful people knew where they were going in life, and believed with all of their heart that they would get there. There are countless examples of this, but one of my favorites is Walt Disney, who went bankrupt SEVEN TIMES before reaching his success. Some people go bankrupt once and take their life over it. It takes an irrational belief in yourself to become successful.

3) Resiliency

Closely related to the second principle, but this one has more to do with people outside of yourself. The successful people in life are the ones who can be laughed at and knocked down and kicked around and still get back up and push on. I believe anything is possible with enough effort, and the people I’ve mentioned above are true testaments to that. The Wright brothers, Amelia Earhart, Robert Fulton, Thomas Edison…these people were all laughed at for their ideas and their unwavering belief. Where are they now? In our history books.

4) Using the Subconscious Mind

I first heard this idea from Earl Nightingale, who suggested sitting with a pad of paper and a pen for 30 minutes a day and actively thinking, turning on your brain, to think about how to solve your “problems.” If there is a goal that you have and you are having difficulty figuring out how to achieve it, try this method. Our subconscious minds are infinitely powerful, and the successful people in this world have learned how to use them.

5) Action

This may very well be the most important. Action is obviously a big part of every successful person’s life, and if you want to be successful, it absolutely has to be a big part of yours. This one seems really simple, until you think about how much time we waste every day watching TV, browsing the internet and social media…those hours add up. Action is the one thing that can make or break you, so stop talking about what you want and go do something about it.

It was very enlightening to see how similar each of these people were in their habits and principles, especially because it led to me figuring out a quantifiable path to success.

Anything you want in life is possible, and these five principles will help you get closer to whatever your goals are. Set your goals, believe in yourself to the point of delusion, stay strong and resilient to other people’s doubts and laughter, make your subconscious mind work for you, and start taking action in your life.